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The premium M7 USB DAC integrated amplifier provides a whole new way to experience and enjoy music directly from your personal computer. With sampling rates of up to 96khz and up to 24bit resolution supporting through a full speed USB 2.0 connection, the M7 transports and amplifies audio in a way that will allow the audio experience to happen in the way it was intended.

Every component in the M7 has been carefully hand picked for both performance and quality, from the widely respected Wolfson WM8740 DAC to the Tenor TE7702L USB streaming controller. Even the audio knob uses the premium Alps Blue Velvet pententiometer.

Unlike other USB DAC that only perform the DAC function and require a separate amplifier, the M7 performs both DAC and audio amplification. This allows a plug and play experience in a single integrated appliance.

With the inbuilt USB audio class 1.0 compliance, the M7 can be simply plugged in to any personal computer with a modern operating system and require no additional drivers. From Microsoft Windows, to Linux and even Apple OSX the M7 can be setup with ease.

The M7 delivers quality in every aspect of its engineering and design. The construction and quality has been refined to every last detail, allowing the soul of the amplifier to be shaped into true OrigenAE axiom.


- integrated dual channel amplifier

- premium Wolfson 8740 powered DAC

- plug and play driverless installation

- apls blue velvet pentitometer

- gold plated RCA inputs

- gold plated speaker terminals

- integrated headphone amplifier

- compact and stylish design

- efficient heat dissipation engineering

M7 Brochure - PDF 290K


external dimensions (WxHxD) - 240 x 78 x 281mm (*inc feet)

construction materials - all aluminium chassis

audio output channels - 2 channels
- 50 watt per channel RMS at 4 ohm
- 25 watt per channel RMS at 8 ohm

frequency response - 5Hz ~ 120KHz(-3dB)

s/n ratio - > 85db

total harmonic distortion - < 0.05%( 20KHz / 8ohm)

inputs - USB input for DAC audio
- gold RCA tuner device audio input
- gold RCA cd player audio input
- gold RCA auxillary audio input

output connector - gold binding posts

DAC chip - Wolfson WM8740

usb streaming controller - Tenor TE7022L

usb compliance - usb 2.0 full speed
- usb 1.0 audio class

resolution support - 16/24bit

sampling rates support - 8/16/32/44.1/48/96 KHz

power rated input voltage - 100Vac / 240Vac

power input voltage range - 90Vac to 264Vac

power input frequency range - 47Hz to 63Hz


M7 User Guide - PDF 884KB

Area DVD video review (German)

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